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Are you a hatcher?

Do you reuse, recycle, and reimagine? Are you reviving a lost art like homesteading, canning, curing, healing, or hiving and adding
your own modern twist? If you’re not making your own products, do you scout out those made by artisans, farmers, and herbalists
who prioritize quality and the health of humans and the planet? Then, YES!

Herbal Bitters Sample Box

Botanical Bitters
Denver, CO

Yummy Treats Gift Set

Yummy Treats Gift Set
Jam, Honey, Chocolate + Tea
Colorado & Utah

Cheese Kit Components2

DIY Cheese Kit
Urban Cheesecraft
Portland, OR

Family Fermentation

Family Fermentation
with Cure Organic Farm and Ozuké

Farm-Fresh Botanical Dyeing

Farm-Fresh Botanical Dyeing
with Edie Ure, Cure Organic Farm, and Ozuké

Mushrooms + Toast

Mushrooms + Toast
with Ensō Farm and Forage


Let go of the confines of convenience and dig into something far more meaningful:

Community, connection, and creativity. And, oh, by the way, a healthier, happier world. 

The journey has far greater meaning than checking something off a list.