It’s time
to get our
hands a little dirty.

Hatch Lab offers inspiration, education, and tools to help you make more of the things you eat and use, to overcome your fears and self-doubt, and to have fun getting your hands dirty, being creative, and building community.

Our Manifesto

Modern convenience is, well, convenient.
But the more the world has given us shortcuts, workarounds, and alternatives to getting “stuff” done, the more we’ve forgotten something important:
We can get stuff done too.

We have two hands, left and right brains, creative and analytical instincts.

The ability is there. It’s just buried under a thin layer of self-doubt and clouded by a perception that being part of the so-called maker culture requires trendy eyewear, a closet full of flannel, and an affinity for looming.

Fortunately, there’s a maker lying dormant within you.
Yes, you.

Have you ever used a crock pot? Planted a flower bulb? Curated a cheese plate? Concocted a mixed drink? Decorated a cupcake or three?

Hate to break it to you, but you’ve got making in your veins.
And you just might be closer to fermenting a cabbage than you think.
So it’s time to dust off the cobwebs of convenience.
It’s time to stop outsourcing the process itself and start getting our hands a little dirty.

It’s time to awaken the latent ability in us all to make a thing or two, puff out our chests and proudly acknowledge that, hell yes, we actually “made that.”

It’s time to hatch a new normal.

Let us be your trusted guide through an ecosystem of DIY projects, a library of educational resources, and a network of small conscious companies that create kits, tools, and carefully-crafted products. 

Our Values

We are all about an interconnected network of people who care about the health of humans and the planet. So what are we doing about it? We’re making it easy for you to live a more sustainable, creative life that aligns with your values. Whether you’re learning to make kimchi or concoct elderberry syrup, discovering exactly how chocolate is made, or searching for the perfect gift for someone you love.


From backyard farmers and aspiring urban homesteaders to green-juice drinkers and farmers-market shoppers, people want to live healthy, sustainable lives and shift from being just consumers to makers. We call these folks hatchers. We want to see a world full of hatchers who feel connected to each other and to the natural resources that sustain us.


Humans are natural creators, but we’re so busy with jobs, kids, dishes, and technology that we don’t have time for making stuff. At Hatch Lab, we invite you to slow down (even for a few minutes), and learn to create beautiful things to feed your family, share with your friends, and keep you healthy. We know it’s hard to make the time, but we’re working to give you the inspiration, motivation, and know-how to dive in and express yourself in fun new ways.


When we make what we use, we use less and respect more. We conserve resources and connect to the plants and animals that nourish us. As we become more aware, the throwaway culture we live in seems crazier than ever. Hatch Lab partners with artisans who’ve built sustainability into all aspects of their operations: sourcing, packaging, and production.


We strive for moral uprightness in all that we do. From our artisan partners, to the products we sell, to the way we engage with our customers. Honesty, morality, and authenticity are at the core of what we do and why we exist.

The Founder

Mara Rose, Hatch Lab’s founder and CEO, lives with her husband Andrew and son David in Boulder, Colorado, where they love seeing the mountains first thing every morning and caring for their veggies, fruit trees, medicinal herbs, and lively beehive. Mara spends her free time hiking, growing plants, making medicine, cooking, and fermenting food and drinks. A Bay Area native, Mara moved with her family to Boulder after almost 10 years in Brooklyn, New York, where she tended a little but lush urban garden. She applies an eclectic background in social entrepreneurship, education, and technology, derived from her BA in religious studies from Macalester College, her MA in education from Columbia University’s Teachers College, and her MBA from Columbia Business School. Hatch Lab is a labor of love for Mara, who’s dedicated to doing whatever she can to #HatchANewNormal in this nutty world.

Advisors and Foragers

Hatch Lab’s expert advisors are helping us build a thriving business. And our foragers are helping us find talented artisans with integrity from around the country to feature in our curated marketplace.

kirstenshockey Forager

owner Ferment Works & co-author Fermented Vegetables 

Kirsten K. Shockey is a mother and homesteader living in southern Oregon. She’s also a writer and educator who’s passionate about helping people take responsibility for their food. Co-author of Fermented Vegetables and the forthcoming Fiery Ferments!, Kirsten teaches people how to ferment and perfect the practice to create new flavors. She travels across the country helping people make, enjoy, and connect with their food. Find out more at Ferment Works.

Mushrooms + Toast

owner Ensō Farm & Forage and manager The Kitchen 

With a focus on fungi, Ensō Farm & Forage celebrates and protects nature’s inherent genius. Michael teaches classes on low-impact foraging practices, cultivation, mushroom identification, and he leads mushroom forays in the woods throughout Colorado. For more than 16 years, Michael has worked in the culinary world and is currently on the board of the Colorado Mycological Society.

Photo credit: Julie Vandenoever


owner, ma.studios

Mary is a brand strategist, designer, and systems thinker. Through her company ma studios, she helps change agents in education, energy, ecology, food, farming, and wellness bring their bright, wholehearted ideas to life. In 2015, Mary co-founded the body care company ie&Y with three other women entrepreneurs. What started out as workshops in the kitchen evolved into a community of fellow makers, and then a company. ie&Y’s first product was a deodorant salve that goes by the name of PITS.

Laurie Amodeo

director of marketing, Shambhala Mountain Center 

Laurie is delighted to call Boulder, Colorado, home after living in Brooklyn, New York, for 10 years. She’s inspired by nature’s bountiful elegance as well as human behavior, creativity, and storytelling. With deep experience in digital marketing, Laurie has developed and managed campaigns for a wide range of brands. Among her passions, Laurie counts meditation, songwriting, movement, ikebana flower arranging, and making herbal remedies and beauty products.

Mandy Eckford

director of client service, Fortnight Collective 

Mandy is an advertising veteran with extensive experience at leading agencies and she loves helping brands shape culture. She helped brand broccoli and use advertising to get the country to eat its vegetables; the campaign landed on the cover of The New York Times Magazine. She also helped Michelle Obama’s team ideate around Let’s Move and SNAP. Mandy also worked with Tourism New Zealand to reintroduce the country to the world through the Lord of the Rings–themed 100% Middle-earth campaign. And she managed several Super Bowl campaigns for Audi of America.

Jim Chesebro

product manager at Welltok, entrepreneur, and startup advisor 

Jim has extensive experience creating customer-centric products and businesses and turning ideas into reality. Jim’s been a co-founder, advisor, consultant, marketer, and product lead, and his experience spans several industries. He has a strong background in digital, e-commerce, B2B/B2C, health and fitness, and LOHAS. Particularly relevant to Hatch Lab, Jim has experience building subscription communities (online learning platforms) for Gaiam and he was the co-founder of a startup that focused on creating marketplaces for local authentic experiences.

Mara King

chef and co-founder & COO, Ozuké 

Mara King is a career chef and fermentation professional. As one of the founders of Ozuké, a quality brand of artisanal krauts, kimchi, and fine pickles, Mara is always on the lookout for new and exciting things to eat, ferment, cook and share. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mara lives to travel and discover the world one meal at a time. Entrepreneur, mother of three, and partner to a working artist, her home is a creative and dynamic space.

Chris Starkus

executive chef, Urban Farmer Denver 

Chris’s career began in Las Vegas at Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois and Postrio and Chef Alessandro Stratta’s Renior in the Mirage before opening Chef Stratta’s two-star Michelin restaurant, ALEX at the Wynn. Chris’s time as chef de cuisine for Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood solidified his passion for sustainable seafood and advocacy and Chris’s style reflects the promotion of sustainably-sourced, well-grown ingredients. At Urban Farmer Denver at the Oxford Hotel Chris has installed rooftop hives from Bee Thinking and will create an edible flower, herb, and native pollinator plant-friendly outside patio.

Willow King

co-founder & CEO, Ozuké 

Willow King is a writer, traveler, mother, entrepreneur, and lover of things handmade. At Ozuké, she is the CEO, but still likes to find time to mess around in the kitchen and make good things to eat. At Ozuké she is building a company based in a philosophy of interconnectedness and the power of the microbiome.

Our Partners

We’re grateful to the many pioneering companies, organizations, and individuals that have partnered with us.

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