How do you select the products you sell in your marketplace?

We scour the country using our social networks and those of our friends and foragers. We also invite our readers, fans, and customers to nominate a hatcher.

We’re eager to shine a bright light on small companies and the artisans who created them. We’re looking to share the stories of companies that align with our values and make and sell high-quality products. We want to build a network of artisans that reflects our beautifully diverse country. We’re looking for diversity in geography, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and religion, and we’re looking for partners who come from rural and urban areas in every state. Help us find them so we can tell their stories, sell their products, help them grow, and build a strong network.

Why should I buy products from you instead of directly from your artisan partners?

We hope you’ll do both! We’re your discovery engine, offering up a carefully curated group of products each month that would likely take you a long time to find on your own. Some of these products will be available on Hatch Lab for a few months, while others will stick around for longer. We’re here to help you discover artisans and products that inspire you. And we hope you’ll support our efforts by purchasing products from us and then heading over to our artisan partners’ websites to see their full product lines.

How long does delivery take?

When you place an order on the Hatch Lab website, we coordinate with our artisan partners who then ship the products directly to you. All of our partners have committed to ship within four days of receiving your order. Because these are small companies, there may occasionally be hiccups. When this happens, we will notify you immediately and remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Each of our partners sends their products a little differently, so some products will arrive two days after shipping, while others will take up to six days. Contact us at info@hatchlab.net with any questions or concerns, and thanks for your understanding!

Why isn’t shipping free?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten used to free two-day shipping. But at Hatch Lab, we’re doing our part to diversify the economy, support local business, and send more money back to the little guy. We offer a standard shipping cost for every item on our website, so you know exactly how much you’ll pay for shipping before you put anything in your cart. We hope this helps you understand the full cost of the products you want to buy. In an attempt to maintain reasonable shipping costs, some packages will take a bit longer than they otherwise would, so please plan ahead.