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Gather and Hatch Together

Combining curious people, expert teachers, beautiful natural places, new skills, and delicious food. That’s what our Gather + Hatch events are all about. We invite you to join us in community at one of our immersive experiences in (or near) Boulder, Colorado. Get your hands dirty, create, and learn!

Field to Jar

Field to Jar:
A Fermentation Collective at Cure

October 1, 15 & 29, 2017
3:00-5:30 PM

Join us on one, two, or three Sunday afternoons in October to turn the Cure Organic Farm autumn bounty into jars of tasty fermented goodness to enjoy all year round.

This fermentation thing is part art, part science, and a whole lot of experimentation and creativity. Let’s experiment together, in a beautiful place, with other curious people, using straight-from-the-farm veggies, and with the guidance of our peers, great books, and our intuition. After each event, we’ll each leave with four jars of goodies to stock the fridge.

Each gathering is limited to 12 participants. Children 12 and older are welcome to register and join us.

photo credit: Gillian Pierce

Gather + Hatch Team Building

Team-Building Experiences

Flexible Dates

We’re delighted to announce the opportunity to partner with Hatch Lab for your Colorado-based team-building events. We craft custom Gather + Hatch experiences for area businesses that showcase the talented food artisans, farmers, and herbalists in our community, while offering businesses unique off-site events during which teams build new and stronger bonds.

Opportunities vary seasonally. Activities may include foraging for mushrooms or other wild edibles, cheesemaking and cheese tasting, fermentation, sourdough crafting, and much more.

photo credit: Michael Sandoval


Family Fermentation

July 9, 2017

Grab your kiddos (8 and older) and learn to ferment as a family. Hatch Lab and Cure Organic Farm present Family Fermentation with Mara and Willow King of Ozuké. Join us for an afternoon of learning, tasting, knife-skills practicing, and curiosity piquing while we work with seasonal, organic veggies gathered from the farm. Mara and Willow will teach you about the science behind fermentation, and you’ll learn to craft creative concoctions on your own. Each family will leave with two jars of fermented goodness to enjoy at home.

Please note that this workshop is not appropriate for children younger than 8 years old.

Limited to 14 total participants to ensure an intimate experience for us all.

Farm-Fresh Botanical Dyeing

Farm-Fresh Botanical Dyeing

July 14, 2017

Hatch Lab and Cure Organic Farm present Farm-Fresh Botanical Dyeing in partnership with Edie Ure and Ozuké in Boulder, Colorado.

Spend the day at Cure Organic Farm with natural dyeing expert Edie Ure. Learn about the colorful world of natural-dye plants and create your own masterpieces using pigment-rich flowers, veggies, and trees from Cure Organic Farm. We’ll all gather botanicals from the farm for our dyeing.

We’ll enjoy coffee, tea, and fresh fruit in the morning and a scrumptious lunch prepared by fabulous fermenters Mara and Willow King of Ozuké. Each participant will go home with a special gift for the aspiring natural dyer.

Limited to 12 participants to ensure an intimate experience for us all. Refunds are not available, but tickets are transferable.

Mushrooms and Toast

Mushrooms + Toast

August 4, 2017

Play hooky with wild mushroom enthusiast Michael Heim from Ensō Farm and Forage and Mara Rose from Hatch Lab. We’ll head to a secret location in the Boulder, Colorado, foothills (approximately 60 minutes from downtown, depending on conditions) for a mushroom foray and a walk in the woods. When we’re finished, we’ll gather for a fungus-inspired picnic crafted by Cured.

You’ll learn about mushroom identification and, if we’re lucky (though it’s not at all guaranteed), we’ll locate a variety of medicinal and edible wild mushrooms. We’ll discuss mushroom anatomy and learn the tools for contrasting mushrooms that may be poisonous with those that may inspire a dinner party. You’ll return with some mushroom-hunting skills and a newfound appreciation for the role kingdom fungi plays in our dynamic environment.

Capacity is strictly limited to 10 participants to ensure an intimate adventure for us all. Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferable.

Photo credit: Julie Vandenoever   

Fiery Ferments

Fiery Ferments

June 16, 2017

Hatch Lab presents Fiery Ferments in partnership with Kirsten Shockey, co-author of Fermented Vegetables and Fiery Ferments, and Marcus McCauley of McCauley Family Farm and Picaflor, for a day of spicy fermentation fun at the bucolic McCauley Family Farm, just 10 miles from downtown Boulder, Colorado.

Our time together will begin with a farm tour and taste test of Marcus’s lacto-fermented hot sauces and flakes. Next, Kirsten will share the history and science behind fiery ferments and provide the how-tos you’ll need to craft your own creations at home. Then we’ll dive in, make a big mess, and create two different sauces crafted from fresh and dried Colorado ingredients.

Enjoy a Cured-crafted, fermentation-inspired lunch on the farm and take home two bottles of homemade hot sauce and a surprise gift to encourage your personal fermentation journey.

Limited to 12 participants to ensure an intimate adventure for us all.

Photo credit: Kirsten Shockey

Forage + Ferment

Forage + Ferment

October 14, 2016

Harvest, learn, concoct, feast, and get inspired to create. Hatch Lab is delighted to welcome Kirsten Shockey, co-author of the bestseller Fermented Vegetables, for a day of farm-filled fun and mad-science fermentation in partnership with 63rd Street Farm and Cure Organic Farm.

Whether you’re a seasoned fermenter or interested in getting started, we invite you to join Hatch Lab in Boulder, Colorado as we gather fresh veggies directly from two of Boulder’s beloved farms and turn the harvest into bubbling jars of goodness with Kirsten’s expert guidance.

Learn fermentation fundamentals, the science behind it all, and how to work with what’s in season; we’ll explore kraut, kimchi, pickles, and sauces. We’ll share an artisanal lunch crafted by Cured, with a bevy of fermented foods.

Photo credit: Christina Kiffney

Maker + Monger

Maker + Monger

October 7, 2016

Create with us. Learn new skills. Explore a local farm. And experience delicious food in a community atmosphere. Join us for our first Gather + Hatch experience in Boulder, Colorado in partnership with Cured and Mountain Flower Dairy.

We’ll meet at Mountain Flower Dairy for a day of learning, feasting, and making. We’ll milk goats, hang out on the farm, and learn to make ricotta and mozzarella with Michael Montgomery of Mountain Flower Dairy.

Then we’ll gather for an artisanal picnic, discussion, and cheese tasting with Jessica Beer of Cured; we’ll nibble our way through an exploration of American artisan cheese from Colorado and beyond.

Photo credit: Poppies + Paisley Photography