Hatch Lab Marketplace: Finding Artisans Who Share Our Values

In the Hatch Lab marketplace we’re currently shining a bright light on 15 artisan companies from Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, and Wisconsin, with many more to come in the months ahead. Each company we partner with is invited to join Hatch Lab because its business practices and values align with ours. We look for companies and their founders who exemplify the values of authenticity, quality, sustainability, and encouragement. What do each of these things mean to us?


Values: Authenticity

We seek partners who are expert artisans and change agents, artisans who do their work with integrity and a strong sense of purpose. Hatch Lab artisan partners are driven to make a positive impact on the world and are truly passionate about their craft. You might even call these artisans single-minded; they have deep technical expertise and they are searching for more opportunities to spread the good word and inspire others. We partner with artisans who have a story to tell and are not content with the status quo.


Values: QualityWe are committed to selling only the highest-quality products. When we say quality, we’re talking about the end product as well as the ingredients, supplies, tools, and processes that went into making it. We want to know how ingredients are sourced, and we want to know that our artisan partners care too. We also want to know that the products are “clean,” lacking unnecessary chemicals, additives, preservatives, and other junk. We’re looking for artisans who share our perspective on quality and are walking the walk.


Values: Sustainability

We don’t want to partner with greenwashers; we want to partner with makers who have baked sustainability into their model from the start and have built it into all aspects of their operations: sourcing, packaging, production, partnerships, and promotion. For some this may mean B Corp, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Fair for Life, Fair Trade, or Demeter certifications. For smaller, less-established companies, this may mean transparent and sustainable practices. We’re looking for partners who are always searching for new ways to waste less and shrink their footprint, while inspiring their customers to do the same.


Values: Encouragement

From backyard farmers and aspiring urban homesteaders to green-juice drinkers and farmers-market shoppers, a growing number of people want to live healthy, sustainable lives and shift from being consumers to being makers. We call them hatchers. We want to see a world full of hatchers, and we’re looking for partners who feel the same. We’re looking for artisan partners who are eager to share their knowledge and skills with the Hatch Lab audience—artisans who, like us, see value in catalyzing a world of hatchers for the common good. We’re looking for partners who will work with us to hatch a new normal.

Do you know someone you think we should invite to join the Hatch Lab “hatcher” network, nominate them!

photos: Christina Kiffney Photography and Kirsten Boyer Photography

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