Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hatcher in your Life

Looking for creative Mother’s Day gift ideas that allow you to shop your conscience? What do kits for growing mushrooms and making cheese, tools for fermenting, books for inspired living, organic honey-sweetened chocolate, decadent face cream, and pollinator-friendly seed bombs have in common? You’ll find them all in the Hatch Lab shop.

We have seven great Mother’s Day gifts in our shop. Each one is unique, high-quality, and made with care by expert artisans from Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, and Wisconsin who all prioritize the health of humans and the planet.

1. The Kraut Source Fermentation Kit from San Francisco, California, offers a painless way for anyone to start fermenting at home. The kit comes with everything you need to begin the journey and conquer your fears. As the fresh veggies of spring and summer pop up in gardens and farmers markets, it’s the perfect time to start fermenting so you can enjoy the bounty of the season year round.

Kraut Source Contents

2. The Inspired Living Book Set from Roost Books in Boulder, Colorado, is full of aspirational books about composting, seed saving and swapping, and cooking with healing herbs. These books give inspiration, practical information, and creative ideas for anyone trying to live a healthier, more vital life, and they’re great for homesteaders and city dwellers alike.

3. The Happy Face Set comes to us from The Little Herbal Apothecary and includes a nourishing face lotion and gentle botanical cleansing grains to clean and exfoliate your beautiful mug. They’re both lovingly crafted by herbalist Faith Rodgers in Lafayette, Colorado, and rich with carefully sourced, organic (whenever possible) ingredients.

4. The Seed Bomb Set comes from Plantables in Hudson, Wisconsin. The bee bombs and herb bombs make it simple to plant pollinator-friendly flowers and herbs in your garden or in that abandoned lot down the road. Jim Schreiber, a veteran special education teacher, co-founded Plantables and almost exclusively employs his former students. Jim’s on a mission to do what’s good for the earth and to prove that every single one of us can be productive, working members of society.

5. The Chocolate Bar Sampler Pack, from The Chocolate Conspiracy in Salt Lake City, Utah, includes three honey-sweetened, organic chocolate bars. Create the perfect combo by choosing from their Wild Spice, Pure Dark, Blackberry Ginger, Maca, and Mint Chip Bars. They use organic unroasted cacao beans, no refined sugars (their bars are sweetened with raw Utah honey), and no dairy, letting the natural goodness of the ingredients come through. All the chocolate, none of the guilt!

6. The Elm Oyster Mushroom Kit from 100th Monkey Mushroom Farm in Boulder, Colorado, is the perfect gift for an adventurous mom looking for a fun project with the kids. All it takes to cultivate these beautiful, edible mushrooms is humidity and wonder. And when they’re ready, just harvest ’em and cook ’em up in your favorite recipe.

7. The Mozzarella and Ricotta DIY Cheese Kit comes from Urban Cheesecraft in Portland, Oregon. Okay, we know that making cheese sounds really hard and intimidating. But Claudia Lucero of Urban Cheesecraft has made it her life’s mission to disprove that idea. She promises that within a tear- and tantrum-free hour you’ll have fresh homemade cheese to share with friends.

Would you rather share a homemade gift? Try the simple Chocolate Coconut Sauce recipe from AJ Wentworth of The Chocolate Conspiracy, or the Cardamom Honey Truffle recipe from Zohara Mapes Bediz, chocolate maker and research and development whiz at TCHO in Berkeley, California.

Happy Mother’s Day, and hatch on!

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