Roaster’s Choice Sample Set


Embrace a bit of mystery and try the Roaster’s Choice Sample Set, which includes three surprise 4-ounce bags of single-origin coffee from The Coffee Ride, based in Boulder, Colorado. Perk up with fresh-roasted, shade-grown, responsibly sourced coffee that tastes like it was rush-delivered to you by bike courier.

All orders placed by Wednesday at 10:30 AM MST will ship on Thursday to ensure the freshest possible coffee. The flat rate for shipping is $4.95. 

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Coffees that may be included in your Roaster’s Choice Sample Set include Ethiopia Sidamo Rophi, Kenya Kiranga Estate AA, Sumatra Mandheling, Ethiopia Derar Ela, Black Lightning—Dark Roasted Sumatra, or others. Expand your coffee repertoire by discovering new tastes and origins.

The Artisan

Josh from The Coffee RideJosh Crane is a cyclist and coffee enthusiast who, while in the midst of applying to medical school, did an about-face and decided instead to become a coffee roaster with a twist: He delivers almost all of the coffee he roasts in a bike trailer. His company is The Coffee Ride and it was founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 2015.

Josh started the company because he wanted to share his love of coffee with others and create a business model in which, as he explains it, “Everyone wins, from the farmers to the consumers.” When Josh first started roasting coffee, he made it for friends at work “because they only brought in terrible coffee,” he says. It turned out that his bike commute to work and making coffee for his colleagues were the two best parts of his day. That’s when he decided to combine these two sources of happiness and “do it for the rest of my life.” It wasn’t long before Josh sold his car to buy a coffee roaster. Continue reading –>

Book Recommendation

Want to learn more about coffee? Josh recommends Coffee Story: Ethiopia by Majka Burhardt. Josh explains, “It’s one of my personal favorite books. I think it’s important to understand where the products you consume come from and how their production and distribution impacts other people. This book is a great read to bring you closer to a product you know, love, and probably enjoy on a daily basis.”


Coffee Ground Fertilizer

Did you know that coffee grounds are great not only for composting but also for fertilizing? Yup. Your coffee byproduct, which otherwise sits in a landfill, works wonders for acid-loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, blueberries, strawberries, and heathers. Just work the grounds into the soil surrounding the base of your favorite high-pH plant or tree. Coffee grounds also help healthy microorganisms thrive, and they attract earthworms.


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