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We’re delighted to offer the Grow it, Make It Book Bundle in partnership with New Society Publishers. This book bundle includes three books from authors who want to guide you as you grow and make more of what you use. The book bundle includes The Food Lover’s Garden, Heal Local, and Homegrown & Handmade. It’s the perfect starter set for aspiring hatchers.

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The Grow It, Make It Book Bundle includes three informative and inspiring books:

Heal Local: 20 Essential Herbs for Do-it-Yourself Home Healthcare by Dawn Combs

Heal LocalIn Heal Local, Dawn Combs empowers readers by showing that you don’t need to know everything about every herb on the planet to create a complete home apothecary. Instead she explains how to:

  • Maximize the benefits of homegrown first aid, from increased freshness, potency and effectiveness, to community resilience and local economic growth
  • Make home herbal healthcare less intimidating and more attainable, by focusing on 20 herbs to effectively treat most common injuries and ailments
  • Implement a local medicine culture safely and sustainably, while protecting and respecting wild plant populations.

Combs demonstrates how anyone can be self-sufficient with their wellness, regardless of their previous knowledge, experience, or available space.

Homegrown & Handmade – Revised 2nd edition: A Practical Guide to More Self-reliant Living by Deborah Niemann

In Homegrown & Handmade, Deborah Niemann is packed with answers and solutions to help you rediscover traditional skills and take control of your food from seed to plate.

Whether your goal is to increase your self-reliance or become a full-fledged homesteader, Niemann shows how making things from scratch and growing some of your own food can help you eliminate artificial ingredients from your diet, reduce your carbon footprint, and create a more authentic life.

This comprehensive guide to food and fiber from scratch proves that attitude and knowledge is more important than acreage. Written from the perspective of a successful, self-taught modern homesteader, this well-illustrated, practical, and accessible manual will appeal to anyone who dreams of a more empowered life.

The Food Lover’s Garden: Growing, Cooking, and Eating Well by Jenni Blackmore

Food Lovers GardenIf you’re looking to have some control over where your food comes from, but have never planted a seed in your life, The Food Lover’s Garden is for you.

Foodie meets gardener in this deliciously accessible, easy-to-use guide to growing, cooking, and preserving twenty-some popular, easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs. Taking the budding gardener from planting, growing and harvesting, to preparation of delicious, nutritious, and affordable meals, this book is a celebration of food in all its stages.

The Food Lover’s Garden guides the reader through:

  • Getting started with step-by-step growing instructions from balcony to backyard
  • Simple, tasty recipes incorporating each vegetable and herb
  • Meal combinations of two or more of the featured dishes
  • Selecting essential kitchen tools and gadgets to maximize the harvest
  • Canning and pickling recipes to preserve the rest.

About The Authors

Dawn CombsDawn Combs is a homestead herbalist and ethnobotanist with over 20 years experience in women’s health issues. She began her career with a B.A. in Botany and Humanities/Classics, and later apprenticed with herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. Dawn is a beekeeper, educator, and co-owner of the medicinal herb and honey farm Mockingbird Meadows and its Eclectic Herbal Institute. Her family was recognized by Mother Earth News as one of their 2013 Homesteaders of the Year. Dawn is also the author of Conceiving Healthy Babies. Learn more about Dawn at Mockingbird Meadows Farm.

Deborah NiemannDeborah Niemann is a homesteader, writer, and self-sufficiency expert who presents and teaches extensively on topics such as soapmaking, cheesemaking, livestock care, composting, and homeschooling. She and her family raise sheep, pigs, cattle, goats, chickens, and turkeys for meat, eggs, and dairy products, while an organic garden and orchard provide fruit and vegetables. Deborah is also the author of Raising Goats Naturally. Learn more about Deobrah at Thrifty Homesteader.

Jenni BlackmoreJenni Blackmore is an artist, writer, micro-farmer, and certified Permaculture Design Consultant. Passionate about all things “food,” she’s an ardent supporter of holistic food production who strives to grow most of her own vegetables. Her most recent book, Permaculture for the Rest of Us, follows her journey from industrial Manchester to a sustainable island homestead in Nova Scotia. When she isn’t painting, writing, or tending to the various feathered residents of her QuackaDoodle Permaculture Farm, Jenni likes to slip her kayak into the waves or take her bike for a spin along the trail.


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