Chocolate Lovers Gift Set: Bean to Bar to Mug


A great gift for the chocolate lovers among us. The set comes with two scrumptious bars from Ritual Chocolate, drinking chocolate from The Chocolate Conspiracy, and Bean-to-Bar Chocolate, a new book by Megan Giller. Eat, drink, read, and be merry!

  • Ritual Chocolate Mid-Mountain Blend chocolate bar (Park City, Utah)
  • Ritual Chocolate Fleur de Sel chocolate bar (Park City, Utah)
  • The Chocolate Conspiracy Chocolate Drink Mix (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution: The Origins, the Makers, and the Mind-Blowing Flavors by Megan Giller (Brooklyn, New York)

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Mid-Mountain Blend chocolate bar
Ritual Chocolate (Park City, Utah)
70% cacao
Net weight 2.12 ounces (60 grams)

The Mid-Mountain Blend chocolate bar is a balanced blend of all the company’s origins. The chocolatier’s goal is to highlight subtle tasting notes from each bean: fruity, nutty, earthy, chocolatey, and floral. This bar is a symphony!

2016 Good Food Awards Winner, 2016 Academy of Chocolate Gold Medal

Ingredients: Cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter. May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat.

Fleur de Sel chocolate bar
Ritual Chocolate (Park City, Utah)
70% cacao
Net weight 2.12 ounces (60 grams)

Fine French salt and craft chocolate were made to be together. This classic combination simultaneously and stupendously satisfies your craving for sweet and savory.

2016 Academy of Chocolate Bronze Medal

Ingredients: Cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, fleur de sel. May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat.

Chocolate Drink Mix
The Chocolate Conspiracy (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Net weight 8 ounces

Artisan drinking chocolate crafted with organic, unroasted, single-origin Peruvian cacao beans and sweetened with coconut palm sugar and mesquite powder for a low glycemic treat. Mesquite is high in protein and soluble fiber. Unlike traditional chocolate drinks, this mix won’t cause blood-sugar spikes and will help you feel fuller longer.

Ingredients: Raw organic cacao powder, organic coconut palm sugar, raw organic sweet mesquite powder, raw organic vanilla bean, pink salt.

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution: The Origins, the Makers, and the Mind-Blowing Flavors
By Megan Giller (Brooklyn, New York)
Published by Storey Publishing

Giller invites fellow chocoholics on a journey through America’s craft-chocolate revolution. Learn what to look for in a chocolate bar and how to successfully pair chocolate with coffee, beer, spirits, cheese, and bread. This comprehensive celebration of chocolate busts some popular myths (like “white chocolate isn’t chocolate”) and introduces you to more than a dozen of the hottest artisanal chocolate makers in the US today. You’ll get a taste for the chocolate-making process and learn how the flavor of the chocolate depends on the origin of the cocoa beans. Then, use 22 recipes from master chefs to turn your artisanal bars into unexpected treats.

Photo credit: Kirsten Boyer

Anna Davies & Robbie Stout, Ritual Chocolate

Ritual Chocolate - Robbie and AnnaIn 2008, Anna Davies and Robbie Stout met and fell in love in Boulder, Colorado. As young romantics, they looked for ways to express their new love. One of the old standbys—chocolate—failed them, since back then, it was nearly impossible to find Colorado-crafted fine chocolate. They bonded in a quest to remedy that problem. And in 2010, Ritual Chocolate was born. Robbie and Anna set up the business to handcraft small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate using classic European techniques and vintage equipment, while adding modern American twists.

Once they’d decided to make chocolate, they dove right in and started educating themselves by reading old chocolatier books, scouring the Internet, and experimenting like crazy. Their education included a trip to Costa Rica and Panama to visit cacao farms. After learning the basics, they bought and built some equipment and began making dark decadence. Continue reading –>

AJ Wentworth, The Chocolate Conspiracy

AJ Wentworth - The Chocolate ConspiracyIn 2009, a 24-year-old AJ Wentworth decided he wanted to make and sell bean-to-bar chocolate based on two simple, high-quality ingredients—organic cacao beans and local unprocessed honey. A raw food chef and a holistic health counselor, he wanted to create a sweet treat that was luscious and outrageously delicious, but not overloaded with sugar.

AJ explains that, until two or three years ago, other chocolatiers didn’t take him seriously. Many seasoned chocolate makers he met had told him, “You can’t use raw cacao. You can’t peel beans by hand. You can’t make chocolate with honey.” Turns out they were wrong. AJ explains, “The Chocolate Conspiracy is one of the few companies in the United States that makes honey-sweetened chocolate. A lot of chocolate makers are blown away by the fact that I use honey because it is so difficult. There’s no equipment made for using honey—it’s a really sticky, moist, humid product and the water content in honey makes it difficult to combine with the fat in the chocolate.” AJ highlights three things that set his products apart: Read more –>

Megan Giller, Author

Photo of Megan Giller Megan Giller is the author of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate. She is a food writer and journalist whose work has been published in The New York Times, Slate, Zagat, Food & Wine, and Modern Farmer. Giller has written extensively about the food scenes in both New York City and Austin, Texas, and her blog Chocolate Noise was a 2016 Saveur Food Blog Awards finalist. She offers private chocolate-tasting classes, hosts “Underground Chocolate Salons,” teaches classes at shops across the country, and judges at chocolate competitions. She lives in Brooklyn.


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