Yummy Treats Gift Set: Apple Butter, Honey, Chocolate + Tea


Who doesn’t want a little more yumminess in their life, especially if it comes packed with quality ingredients from mission-driven artisans? Apple butter, honey, chocolate, tea, oh my! Spread the love with this special holiday gift set from some of our favorite hatchers.

  • Apple Butter from Ela Family Farms (Hotchkiss, Colorado)
  • Wild Flower Creamed Honey from Highland Honey (Longmont, Colorado)
  • Fleur de Sel chocolate bar from Ritual Chocolate (Park City, Utah)
  • Happy Healthy Tea Blend from Little Herbal Apothecary (Lafayette, Colorado)

Ships for a flat rate of $6.99.

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Apple Butter
Ela Family Farms (Hotchkiss, Colorado)
Comes in a 9-ounce jar

To make its rich, sweet apple butter, Ela Family Farms slow cooks organically grown fruit to reduce it to pure flavor essence. Then they add a few spices to give it that well-known “autumn in a jar” taste. Ela Family Farms fruit is so naturally sweet that the churners don’t need to add sugar or other sweeteners to yum up their butters

Wildflower Honey
Highland Honey (Longmont, CO)
Comes in a 9-ounce jar

This honey is produced from Boulder County, Colorado apiaries. The honey is raw and unheated; the temperature never rises above the natural temperatures found in hives. The honey is creamed, ensuring it will never further crystallize.

Fleur de Sel chocolate bar
Ritual Chocolate (Park City, Utah)
70% cacao
Net weight 2.12 ounces (60 grams)

Fine French salt and craft chocolate were made to be together. This classic combination simultaneously and stupendously satisfies your craving for sweet and savory.
2016 Academy of Chocolate Bronze Medal

Ingredients: Cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, fleur de sel. May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat.

Happy Healthy Tea Blend
Little Herbal Apothecary (Lafayette, Colorado)
Comes in a reusable 16-ounce glass jar

This delicious blend of herbs is packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your family healthy and strong.

Ingredients: Organic nettles, organic peppermint, organic rooibos, organic rosehips, organic lemon balm, organic red clover, and organic marshmallow root.

Photo credit: Kirsten Boyer and Highland Honey

Steve Ela, Ela Family Farms

Located on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains outside of Hotchkiss, Colorado, Ela Family Farms’ ninety-nine acre organic fruit farm is dedicated to growing peaches, apples, pears, plums, cherries, and heirloom tomatoes. They are the only certified organic, fourth generation orchard in the Rocky Mountain West.

Steve Ela is the operations manager and a partner of Ela Family Farms. Steve oversees the day to day goings-on of the farm and getting fruit directly to the folks who’d like to eat it. On any given day this may include planting new fruit trees, changing tractor tires, putting together gift baskets, doing office work, or meeting customers at farmers markets.

Steve is also involved in organics, in research, and in promoting the Colorado fruit industry. He currently serves on the National Organic Standards Board, he is on the board and past president of the Valley Organic Growers Association. In the past he also served as President of the Western Colorado Horticultural Society, served on the Colorado Agriculture Commission, served on the board and was President of the Organic Farming Research Foundation, was on the Advisory Boards of the Western Integrated Pest Management Center and the Colorado Specialty Crops Program, was Chair of the Orchard and Pest Disease Management Conference, and serves on numerous local boards and organizations. Steve is active in organic tree fruit research and has helped to organize two major national organic tree fruit research symposiums. His two children, Will and Adair, are growing up on the farm and can be found helping at farmers markets, in the packing shed, with gift packs, and other farm jobs.

Tim Brod, Highland Honey

Tim BrodProbably anyone who’s been to Boulder, Colorado’s farmers market knows Tim Brod, owner of Highland Honey Bees. He lends his larger-than-life personality to the cause of the bee and doles out sweet dollops of honey and wisdom to the passersby. He’s a lover of bees, with a lifetime of experience, and very clear ideas about how to properly care for buzzing beauties and their honey. I caught up with Tim over herbal tea (with lots of honey) and a shot of moonshine at his honey-processing headquarters in Longmont, Colorado. I asked about his passion and tried to gain some wisdom about how to buy great honey and what we can all do to protect and nurture the essential honeybee. Continue reading –>

Anna Davies & Robbie Stout, Ritual Chocolate

Ritual Chocolate - Robbie and AnnaIn 2008, Anna Davies and Robbie Stout met and fell in love in Boulder, Colorado. As young romantics, they looked for ways to express their new love. One of the old standbys—chocolate—failed them, since back then, it was nearly impossible to find Colorado-crafted fine chocolate. They bonded in a quest to remedy that problem. And in 2010, Ritual Chocolate was born. Robbie and Anna set up the business to handcraft small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate using classic European techniques and vintage equipment, while adding modern American twists.

Once they’d decided to make chocolate, they dove right in and started educating themselves by reading old chocolatier books, scouring the Internet, and experimenting like crazy. Their education included a trip to Costa Rica and Panama to visit cacao farms. After learning the basics, they bought and built some equipment and began making dark decadence. Continue reading –>

Faith Rodgers, Little Herbal Apothecary

If Faith Rodgers were a medicinal herb, she says she’d be chamomile because it’s balancing, calming, and grounding—qualities she works hard to maintain while running her business and taking care of her three children. Rodgers, a certified herbalist with a deep passion for making medicine and skincare, opened The Little Herbal Apothecary in Lafayette, Colorado, in 2015. It began as a blog where Faith shared recipes and do-it-yourself tips with her sisters and mom, and it’s grown into a locally popular herbal-products destination. Faith’s mission is to provide resources, information, classes, and clean, organic products to people who are looking for healthy options.

In hear early 20s, after exploring the possibility of becoming a nurse, Faith stumbled upon an herb school in Boulder, Colorado, and decided to enroll. That decision changed her life dramatically. There was so much about herb school that inspired Faith, not the least of which was a newfound understanding of how Americans have become disconnected from the plant world. Historically, knowledge about edible and medicinal plants was inherited, but that’s not the case anymore. The magical world of plants opened up for Faith and she dove right in. Continue reading –>


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