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Karen and Jim at Plantables

Plantables: Seeding Opportunity, Growing Pollinator-Friendly Flowers and Herbs, and Building a Triple Bottom Line Business

Karen and Jim at Plantables - Growing Pollinator-Friendly Flowers and HerbsJim Schreiber was a special-education teacher for 23 years before he retired to start Plantables with his biology professor wife Karen Klyczek in 2013. Based in Hudson, Wisconsin, Plantables is a manufacturing business—but that’s just part of the story. The company’s products were developed with two things in mind: the needs of his former students and the needs of the environment. Jim and his team are tackling social and environmental issues with a successful business model and unique pollinator-friendly products.

As a special-ed teacher, Jim worked with K–12 children with moderate to severe physical and cognitive disabilities. In that role, he worked to prepare his students for employment after graduation. Unfortunately, employment proved elusive and none of his students landed jobs; this unmet need provided the spark that grew into Plantables. Continue reading Plantables: Seeding Opportunity, Growing Pollinator-Friendly Flowers and Herbs, and Building a Triple Bottom Line Business

Hatching for the Holidays Guide

headshot2 maraMara Rose
Founder & CEO, Hatch Lab


In case you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for gifts and entertaining this holiday season, check out our Hatching for the Holidays Guide below. It’s full of fun ways to make more and buy less.

Gifts to Make

4 easy things to make and share.

Continue reading Hatching for the Holidays Guide

Abuzz About Bees: Sourcing Honey, Bonding with Bees, and Caring for the Planet

Probably anyone who’s been to Boulder, Colorado’s farmers market knows Tim Brod, owner of Highland Honey Bees. He lends his larger-than-life personality to the cause of the bee and doles out sweet dollops of honey and wisdom to the passersby. He’s a lover of bees, with a lifetime of experience, and very clear ideas about how to properly care for buzzing beauties and their honey. I caught up with Tim over herbal tea (with lots of honey) and a shot of moonshine at his honey-processing headquarters in Longmont, Colorado. I asked about his passion and tried to gain some wisdom about how to buy great honey and what we can all do to protect and nurture the essential honeybee.

Meet the Beekeeper
A beekeeper since he was a child, Tim explains, “I was one of those kids whose greatest joy was to be outdoors. I grew up with a love of people and a love of animals and a love of the interactions between them. I loved looking at systems.” He grew up in the 1960s in semirural Connecticut, and it was his grandfather’s brother, Crozier, who first connected him with the industrious buzzer. Back then, learning to be a beekeeper was easy, according to Tim. “Until 20 years ago, you really didn’t have to do much for bees. The world was a lot different then. Strategies that worked for millions of years haven’t for the past 15.” Continue reading Abuzz About Bees: Sourcing Honey, Bonding with Bees, and Caring for the Planet

What’s Up with Elderberry Syrup?

“Some people call me Elder Tree Mother, and some call me the Dryad, but my real name is Memory. It is I who sit up in the tree that grows on and on, and I can remember and I can tell stories.” —Hans Christian Andersen

T hat’s an excerpt from the Hans Christian Andersen story The Elder-Tree Mother. The folklore and myth around the elder tree are rich, diverse, and worth exploring, as are the potential health benefits. We invite you to understand more about the tree and its berries, and then learn to make your own elderberry syrup by taking the Hatch Lab class, Concoct Elderberry Syrup. Elderberry syrup was one of my first medicine-making endeavors, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy creating, sharing, and using it in it as much as I do.

ckHatchLab_Elderberry-177webThis class is special to me for a couple of reasons. First, I love Rebecca’s Apothecary, a beautiful Boulder, Colorado, herb shop. For several years, my office was directly above it and I visited often – to buy gifts, to solve my family’s mysterious ailments, and to learn from the knowledgeable and friendly herbalists on staff. Rebecca and her team inspired me and planted many of the seeds that eventually grew into Hatch Lab. Visiting the store ignited a passion in me and a deep desire to study and use plants for healing. When it came time to launch Hatch Lab, I knew I wanted Rebecca to be involved. Continue reading What’s Up with Elderberry Syrup?