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7 Kombucha-Flavoring Fundamentals From Hannah Crum At Kombucha Kamp

headshot2 maraMara Rose
Founder & CEO, Hatch Lab

Hannah Crum and SCOBY
From The Big Book of Kombucha (c) Hannah Crum (c) Alex LaGory. Used with permission of Storey Publishing. Photo credit: Matt Armendariz Photography

As a girl who grew up drinking pickle juice, Hannah Crum fell in love with kombucha at first sip. A sophisticated upgrade to the vinegary liquid of preserved cucumbers, kombucha inspired Hannah to become The Kombucha Mamma, and co-founder of Kombucha Kamp, and co-author of The Big Book of Kombucha with her husband and partner, Alex LaGory.

Hannah has done a ton to elevate kombucha, build the industry, and inspire everyday people to overcome their fears and brew their own fermented-tea concoctions. Making kombucha at home is fun and easy, but flavoring it is where the real magic happens; that’s when things get creative, messy, sticky, and colorful, and the possibilities are seemingly endless.

We invited Hannah to share some of her flavoring wisdom. If Hannah herself were a kombucha flavor, she says she’d be Love Potion, a mix of blueberries, lavender, and rose. Why? “It’s just so floral, and it’s deep, and purple, and rich,” she says.

Maybe it’s time you found your flavor! Here are seven tips from The Kombucha Mamma herself to get you started. Continue reading 7 Kombucha-Flavoring Fundamentals From Hannah Crum At Kombucha Kamp