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The Dirt on Dirt from Waste Farmers: Soil, Technology, and Our Collective Future

headshot2 maraMara Rose
Founder & CEO, Hatch Lab


_DSC4174How much time do you spend thinking about dirt? How often do you walk on it and think about its being alive? John-Paul Maxfield and Matt “Soil Shaman” Celesta sat down with me to explain why they’re obsessed with it. These dirt nerds work for Waste Farmers, a certified B Corporation founded in 2009 and based in Denver, Colorado. Waste Farmers is the umbrella where, as John-Paul (founder and CEO) explains, “We get to have this really ethereal big purpose, which is to live authentic lives and change the world”. Under that umbrella sits Batch:64, Maxfield’s, and a growing number of other brands. I left my conversation with John-Paul and Matt feeling inspired and optimistic about the ability of entrepreneurs like them to build successful businesses, while also fundamentally improving our global environment. Continue reading The Dirt on Dirt from Waste Farmers: Soil, Technology, and Our Collective Future

Sourcing: Helping You Find Great Supplies

Before you can make the things you love, you’ll probably want to buy the supplies to do the making. I like to keep a few criteria in mind when I’m purchasing my supplies:

  • The vendor should engage in socially and environmentally responsible practices.
  • The supplies should be relatively easy to find and reasonably priced.
  • The products should be local and organic whenever possible.

Here at Hatch Lab, we want to provide unbiased advice on where to buy the ckHatchLab_Seed-339webthings you need to make your creations come to life. Throughout the website, you will find information about our favorite companies and books. When recommending companies, we consider product quality and cost, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Sourcing responsibly is important and we’re excited to help you do it well. If you would like to recommend a great source to us, please email info@hatchlab.net; we’d love to hear from you.

Continue reading Sourcing: Helping You Find Great Supplies