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Hatching for the Holidays Guide

headshot2 maraMara Rose
Founder & CEO, Hatch Lab


In case you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for gifts and entertaining this holiday season, check out our Hatching for the Holidays Guide below. It’s full of fun ways to make more and buy less.

Gifts to Make

4 easy things to make and share.

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Abuzz About Bees: Sourcing Honey, Bonding with Bees, and Caring for the Planet

Probably anyone who’s been to Boulder, Colorado’s farmers market knows Tim Brod, owner of Highland Honey Bees. He lends his larger-than-life personality to the cause of the bee and doles out sweet dollops of honey and wisdom to the passersby. He’s a lover of bees, with a lifetime of experience, and very clear ideas about how to properly care for buzzing beauties and their honey. I caught up with Tim over herbal tea (with lots of honey) and a shot of moonshine at his honey-processing headquarters in Longmont, Colorado. I asked about his passion and tried to gain some wisdom about how to buy great honey and what we can all do to protect and nurture the essential honeybee.

Meet the Beekeeper
A beekeeper since he was a child, Tim explains, “I was one of those kids whose greatest joy was to be outdoors. I grew up with a love of people and a love of animals and a love of the interactions between them. I loved looking at systems.” He grew up in the 1960s in semirural Connecticut, and it was his grandfather’s brother, Crozier, who first connected him with the industrious buzzer. Back then, learning to be a beekeeper was easy, according to Tim. “Until 20 years ago, you really didn’t have to do much for bees. The world was a lot different then. Strategies that worked for millions of years haven’t for the past 15.” Continue reading Abuzz About Bees: Sourcing Honey, Bonding with Bees, and Caring for the Planet

Sourcing: Helping You Find Great Supplies

Before you can make the things you love, you’ll probably want to buy the supplies to do the making. I like to keep a few criteria in mind when I’m purchasing my supplies:

  • The vendor should engage in socially and environmentally responsible practices.
  • The supplies should be relatively easy to find and reasonably priced.
  • The products should be local and organic whenever possible.

Here at Hatch Lab, we want to provide unbiased advice on where to buy the ckHatchLab_Seed-339webthings you need to make your creations come to life. Throughout the website, you will find information about our favorite companies and books. When recommending companies, we consider product quality and cost, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Sourcing responsibly is important and we’re excited to help you do it well. If you would like to recommend a great source to us, please email info@hatchlab.net; we’d love to hear from you.

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Hatching Hatch Lab

ckHatchLab_Elderberry-373webWe’re glad you found Hatch Lab! You may be wondering what we’re trying to do here. The short answer is that we’re teaching people how to make things they love to eat, use, and share; we help more people live healthy, sustainable, creative lives. We’re starting small so we can test the idea and gather your feedback. Please let us know what you think and what you’d most like to learn.

What are the roots of Hatch Lab? Over the past several years, my family and I have been really interested in growing food, fermenting, keeping bees and chickens, and creating herbal concoctions. These interests emerged from a desire to get closer to our food sources and an excitement about making our own stuff and sharing it with friends and family.

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