Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hatcher in Your Life

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

We’ve found six gifts that we think are perfect for makers and the makers they love. The gifts are fun and they’re from companies with integrity, all independently owned and working for the health of humans and the planet. Why not vote with your dollars while voting with your heart? Here is our list of six salubrious gifts—which one would your valentine adore?

1. Shrubs Sample Box from Strongwater, a Denver purveyor of small batch spirits and botanicals, is a strong contender for coolest Valentine’s Day gift. We’re not talking about planting small trees to surprise your date. These particular shrubs are apple cider vinegar based cocktail mixers infused with fruit, herbs, and honey. Celebrate with your mate by making fancy cocktails (and mocktails) with shrubs, or enjoy them as a health tonic along with breakfast in bed.
$37Strongwater Shrubs

2. Chaga Chai Tea from Rooted Apothecary is a fantastic twist on the traditional bouquet of roses and box of chocolates. Rooted is run by Briana Wiles, herbalist, author, forager, and wildcrafter, in Gunnison, Colorado. Learn more about Briana and Rooted Apothecary in our recent post, Medicinal Bone Broth: Herbs, Fungi, and Sea Vegetables, Oh My!
$12Chaga Chai - Rooted Apothecary


3. Fermented Vegetables is a beautiful book for your fermentation fan. Who says love doesn’t stink? Written by Kirsten and Christopher Shockey, the recipes are inspiring and the photos will make your mouth water. Kirsten co-wrote a recent Hatch Lab blog post, Rot your Food Right with Airlocks for Small-Batch Fermenting: Gather the Facts, Know Your Options.
$15.02Fermented Vegetables

4. The Knocked Up Gift Set from The Little Herbal Apothecary is a perfect gift for your pregnant valentine. The set includes Mama’s Knocked Up Tea Blend and Mama’s Belly Butter. The Little Herbal Apothecary is a new Colorado-based company founded by Faith Rodgers, herbalist and mother of three. Faith is committed to providing safe, clean, and healthy skincare products. You can learn more about Faith in our recent blog post, Choosing Safe and Healthy Skincare Products and Making Them at Home: Helpful Tips and Herbal Allies.

5. The Tea Sampler Gift Box from Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary in Boulder, Colorado is the perfect gift for your tea lover. The Lung Tea is a favorite brew in the winter at our house. Curious to know more about Rebecca’s? The shop’s owner, Rebecca Luna, teaches our Concoct Elderberry Syrup online class.

Tea Gift Box - Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary

6. Make Cardamom Honey Truffles (yes, something that amazing does exist) for your valentine with the recipe from our recent blog post, Setting a High Bar: Chocolate’s Flavors, Farmers, and Magic. The recipe yields about 40 truffles, so you’ll have plenty to share. My son and I just made them for our neighbors and they’re super easy, delicious, and feel fancy.
~ $25 for supplies

Truffles - TCHO

One last idea: Consider taking a Hatch Lab class with someone you love. Sharing the experience of learning something new and then creating something together is one of the sweetest ways to connect with someone you love. May we suggest the Concoct Elderberry Syrup online class, which is included with our Elderberry Syrup Kit? Who wants their special someone to be sick? No one. Fight to keep each other well by learning to make this immune-boosting tonic together. A tablespoon a day, infused with love, keeps colds at bay. Not sure what elderberry syrup is or why on earth you’d want to make it? Here’s one cool study about elderberry syrup’s flu fighting super power.

Elderberry Syrup Kit

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Hatching!

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